Alphabet Tables

Dec 13, 2020 | More About Numerology

Numerology represented by respected and experienced numerologist Nikola Durdevic use correct and accurate method of calculation for different names of clients from all over the world based on original Pythagorean system. He dispose of unique method for exchange numerical values for every letter of alphabets (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Swedish, Norwegian, Chech, Slovak, Polish, Hungarian, Croatian, Serbian, Slovenian, Macedonian, Greek, Albanian etc., and even Russian).

The Number Value of the Letters of the Alphabet

In his book, “Kabbalah: Ancient Secrets of Numerology”, Sepharial writes:

“In our attempts to understand and interpret the influence of numbers over the destinies of men or over destiny of person, we need to establish a relationship between the person and the number or numbers that guide or influence his destiny. To determine this mysterious number, we need to unlock the name of that person in terms of numerical values. The numerical value of the concerned person’s name must first be obtained by adding together the numbers that correspond to each letter of the name.”

Ancient tradition holds that the first sound uttered by man was Om. This is the sound vibration still used in the East in the practice of Yoga when the breath is expelled from the lungs through the nostrils. It is doubtless the same vibration as the Western “I am” which is intoned by occidental practitioners of Yoga.
Every letter of the alphabet has a vibratory equivalent in number. The Kabbalah was written in hebrew, which is a phonetic language, so each sound had a numerical equivalent.
But the other languages, specially on the West, are different from the hebrew. They mostly use Roman alphabet and they are not phonetic languages.
For example, English language is not a phonetic language, so the numerical equivalent of its letters differs from the ancient Kabbalistic values.
In the accompanying chart (see below), the number value of every letter is given for the current English alphabet.
Each letter of the alphabet is the symbol of a concept and has its own numerical value.
Does every word have its own vibration? Yes! How is the number vibration computed? Write out the word; put the number value of the vowels above them, and the number value of the consonants below them. Add the totals of the vowels and consonants separately, so you have the “vowel vibrations” and the “consonant vibrations” separately, and compute their total value by adding these two sub-totals together, and reducing to a single digit.
These will be fully explained later.

As we already mentioned the letters in individuals’ names are converted to numbers and then added together. The letter A, for instance, in Pythagorean system of calculation, is 1; the letter B is 2; the letter C is 3, and so forth. The following table shows the correct numbers assigned to all 26 letters in the English alphabet.

 About half the information in the analysis, incidentally, comes from the birth date and half from the name. So the correct alphabet table is extremely significant in numerological analysis.
Different numerologists have assigned different numerical values to alphabets based on the system or method they followed and considered most effective.
But the very important thing we have to understand is: there is no Universal alphabet table. Actually, the serious numerologist must know alphabet tables from almost all countries from all over the world. The main point and factor in calculation of name is official language in client`s country. For example, the person is Italian citizen. In this case we cannot use English table for numerological analysis because 50% of our analysis will be wrong. Why? As we already mentioned, the half information in the analysis comes from the name. So, we have to use Italian, not English table.

If some numerologists try to use English table as Universal alphabet table – it is not good method.
Let us see how some numerologists try to use English table as Universal alphabet table and make substitution for Italian letters. Italian alphabet has only 21 letters (missing letters are J, K, W, X and Y):

 But this is wrong. Calculations based on this table for Italian citizens will be full of mistakes.
You can see this at the following example.

Sample 1

Full name and surname: Monica Anna Maria Bellucci
Current or popular name: Monica Bellucci
Date of birth: September 30, 1964.
Place of birth: Citta di Castello – Umbria
Country of birth: Italia

Monice Belluci was born in Italy, official language Italian. Let us see what will happen when we use English table which is not official in Italy.

            6                       9                         1

M        o          n          i           c          a 

4                       5                        3


1                                      1

A         n          n          a 

              5          5


              1                       9           1

M        a          r          i           a 

4                      9


             5                                    3                                   9

B         e          l           l           u          c          c          i

2                       3          3                        3          3



Soul Urge: 28/1
Self Secret (Personality): 13/4
Expression: 14/5

This analyze shows that numbers 1, 4 and 5 do not indicate the artistic inclinations of Monica Belluci.
Let us see what will happen when we use Italian table which is official language in Italy, according to the rules of Pythagorean`s school.

              4                       9                       1

M        o          n          i           c          a 

2                        3                        3


1                                      1

A         n          n          a 

            3           3


             1                        9            1

M        a          r          i           a 

2                      7


             5                                    1                                    9

B         e          l           l           u          c          c          i

2                       1          1                          3          3



Soul Urge: 42/15/6
Self Secret (Outer Personality): 33/6
Expression: 75/3

These numbers 6, 33/6 and 3 shows the artistic inclinations and successful career of Monica Belluci.
Master or Charismatic Number 33/6 indicates on special potentials too.
It is not difficult to understand why should we not use this method of calculation (English table as Universal alphabet table).
Nowadays Pythagorean school numerologists are returning to origins and original rules of calculation.

We can conclude that every country has its own unique alphabet and because of that there is no such a thing as Universal alphabet table.