Numerological Values

Dec 13, 2020 | Articles

Different numerologists have assigned different numerical values to alphabet based on the system or method they followed and considered most effective.
Those interested in the subject may read Kabbalah: Ancient Secrets of Numerology by Sepharial, and study how he has applied the different sets of values for different kinds of interpretations.

We give here the numerical values assigned to various alphabets by some of the most respected numerologists and numerology schools.

The Helyn Hitchcock System

One of the most straightforward systems of assigning numerical values to various alphabets was developed by Helyn Hitchcock. Numerical values were assigned to the first nine letters of the English alphabet. A was assigned the numerical value 1, B was assigned 2, C was assigned 3 and so on. This cycle of nine was then repeated for the remaining alphabets. The 10th letter of the alphabet – J – was assigned the numerical value 1, K was assigned numerical value 2 and so on. The following values emerged in what is popularly known as the Helyn Hitchcock system.

The Pythagorean System

The Pythagorean alphabet is used in connection with the interpretation employed in this system. The Pythagorean alphabet and its numerical values are in table below.

The Chaldean System

The following numerical values is followed by famous numerologist Cheiro (1886-1936.) i.e. Count Louis Hamon. In his books “Numerology and Astrology” and “New Book of Numbers” he gave numerical values below for the English alphabet.
This method is known today like Chaldean school. In this system did not assign the number 9 to any letter. In the ancient mystery schools of knowledge the number 9 was considered the most sacred of numbers. Its vibratory force included the attributes of all numbers and, therefore, did not represent any individual symbol.


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