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Dec 15, 2020 | Articles

There are approximately twenty numerology components which are derived from a person’s birthdate and birth name. A complete character delineation evolves from the synthesis of these many pieces. The Core (Head Numbers) of a reading involves only four of these elements. The Core expresses the essence of a person his direction, his strengths and weaknesses, his potential for change and development.
If we think of a complete character delineation as comparable to a full-color portrait, the Core would be equivalent to a slightly fuzzy black-and-white reproduction of the portrait. The Core would be as rough and incomplete as the reproduction – but it would be accurate, and it would give us the major characteristics just as the reproduction does. The reproduction might show that the person has large almond-shaped eyes, but until the color is added, you wouldn’t know if they’re black or blue or brown, and until the focus is sharpened, you can’t really know if there’s an especially lively glint in the eye. Similarly, the Core may tell you that the person is systematic and orderly. But when color is added and the focus is sharpened (or in numerology terms, when the modifiers are added) the person may be systematic to the point of stubbornness or rigidity.
The Core, then, is the major determinant in the character delineation, and its power is diffused throughout the entire reading. The Core, while only part of the picture, is accurate as far as it goes.

The Core consists of the following elements:

  1. Life Path (40% potency)
  2. Expression (30% potency)
  3. Soul Urge (20% potency)
  4. Birthday (10% potency)

The First Element of the Core: The Life Path


The Life Path is at the heart of the Core. Let’s look, for a moment, at the world in terms of reincarnation. Simply stated, reincarnation explains that the soul returns to earth in physical form again and again, each time to concentrate on a specific lesson. When the soul has absorbed all the lessons, it no longer needs to return to earth, but can move on to a higher plane. The specific lesson, determined by the soul prior to assuming physical form, is the Life Path. Whether vou believe in reincarnation or not, the Life Path is still the central focus of the life.
The Life Path (sometimes called the Birthforce, Birthpath or Destiny) determines other related matters. It describes the opportunities available in order to learn the major lesson, as well as the environment – the people and places – in which these opportunities are likely to be found. Some of a person’s attitudes and characteristics are determined by the Life Path, for these traits are prescribed as an aid to the study of the main lesson.
Visualize the Life Path as a broad channel or highway running through all the possible activities a person may encounter in a lifetime. The route holds the environment and all the opportunities for the study at hand. The channel is extremely broad. People with the same Life Path may have different approaches to pursuing their study, but the channel is wide enough to accommodate all comers. As long as a person stays on the course, he will be contributing the maximum to his own growth and development. Most people wander out of the channel from time to time; some people have difficulty finding the channel (and a numerology reading may help them get their bearings); and some few people choose to head off in some other direction.

The Life Path is fixed and unchangeable. No one can change his birthdate and therefore no one can change his Life Path. Acceptance of the Life Path allows for full growth and productive development. Confidence in himself and his direction allows a person to move forward to a positive destiny.

The Second Element of the Core: Expression


The Expression is second in importance of the four Core elements.
All of us are gifted, in one direction or another, with our own natural talents and capabilities. The Expression, describing these abilities, is usually the part of a person which is most visible to others. Because the Expression is often so apparent, it should not be mistaken for the essence of a person. These natural abilities are what we have to work with as we move along the broad channel of the Life Path, and, as such, they are less important than the central focus of the Life Path. When expression and the Life Path are harmonious, the visible Expression may also reflect, to a large extent, the main lesson seated by the Life Path. When the Expression and the Life are not harmonious, the Life Path may come as a surprise to the observer who sees only the more obvious Expression.
A few numerologists feel that the Expression is the single important element in a reading. In our experience, we have found that the Life Path holds the key to the understanding of a person’s nature in a way that the Expression does not. The Life Path is fixed (since the birthdate can’t be changed) but the Expression, derived from the name, can be altered by changing the name. To our way of thinking, this adds additional weight to the importance of the Life Path over the Expression. As you go along in your study, examine your own numbers and the numbers of other people you know well. Compare the importance of the Life Path and the Expression in providing an awareness of a person and draw your own conclusion.
The Expression often describes the abilities used in the type of work the person enjoys. Along with these abilities, the Expression also describes the kinds of attitudes which are usually to be found with these talents. These attitudes are usually as visible as the abilities.

The Third Element of the Core: The Soul Urge


The Soul Urge is third in importance of the four Core elements. The Soul Urge (sometimes known as the Heart’s Desire, the Motivation or the Ideality) is concerned with deep inner longings. These longings express those matters which seem most important to the person, and these important matters are influential in determining the person’s point of view, the principles on which he acts, his general approach.
Occasionally, when the Soul Urge is harmonious with other parts of the Core, it may be visible so that others are aware of it. For most people, the Soul Urge is below the surface, rarely expressed openly. Many people seem almost unaware of their own Soul Urge, although they can readily identify with it when it is described. To the outside observer, the delineation of the Soul Urge often serves as a key to an understanding of a person, clarifying the person’s actions and approaches in a most revealing way.
As we proceed along the broad channel of the Life Path, we are guided by the motivations of the Soul Urge. If our longings are easy to satisfy within our own broad channel, we are apt to benefit from the available possibilities. If we want something which we perceive as unavailable on our channel, or more available on another channel, we may be subject to conflict in deciding on which channel we choose to operate. When we synthesize the Core elements, we will become familiar with how these disparate elements may be joined for positive development.

The Fourth Element of the Core: The Birthday


The Birthday is fourth in importance of the four Core elements.
Birthday is one of the numbers added together to derive Life Path – or, in numerology terms, the Birthday is one of numbers behind the Life Path. We can see that all the numbers behind the Life Path, Expression and Soul Urge are sub-influences. The Birthday is the only sub-influence important enough to be part of the Core.

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