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Required Informations for Vedic Astrology Readings

Important data

Only few simple pieces of information are needed as a basis for delineation: the birthdate, time of birth (hour and minute), place of birth and country of birth. If either is not available, a reading is not possible.

This is what we need for Vedic Astrology Readings:

• Your name

• Date of birth

• Time of birth (hour and minute)

• Place and Country of birth

More informations about Vedic Astrology Readings are to be found on this page.

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How and When you will receive your Reading?

Your Reading will be sent to your email 3-6 working days after receiving your payment.
All Readings will be sent in PDF format (free download on https://get2.adobe.com/hr/reader/)

More Informations & Prices

These Vedic Astrology Readings are the most complete, accurate, in-depth, and extensive astrology reports available on the market.

You can choose any of the Vedic Astrology Readings I offer:

• Life Reading

Price: $105.00
Pages: 10-12
Language: English

This is the most important horoscope, on which all others are based. It contains a description of your life potentials, strengths and weaknesses in the most important life areas, with additional reference to the current life period. This is the best horoscope which helps you to discover your life path and also a beginning of your astrological adventure.
The areas I take into accunt here are your sign (lagna, ascendant), your life aspirations, general psychophysical constitution, regular income, wealth, movable property, speech, younger brothers and/or sisters, desires and possible conflicts, family life, home, mother, private life, children, intelligence, love life, higher education, enemies, competition, debts, conflicts, acute illnesses, marriage, spouse, partnerships, sudden changes and events, inheritance, sudden gains or losses, religiosity and spirituality, father, ideals, higher education, long journeys, occupation, career, job, success, income, gains, recognitions, friends, losses, expenses, debts, hospitalization, etc.
I want to note that this horoscope deals with the description of potentials and weaknesses in the above-mentioned areas, but not with predicting or determining the timing for the activation of certain events.
The horoscope contains approx. 10-12 A4 pages of written text (in PDF format), and I am sending it to your e-mail address.

• Your Current Planetary Period

Price: $105.00
Pages: 10-12
Language: English

In an ideal world, the natural lifespan of a person is 120 years. The Maha dasha system, called Vimshottari dasha, divides these 120 years into 9 major planetary periods or dashas. These cycles take place in the following order (planet + time period of its rule):

1. Sun = 6 years
2. Moon = 10 years
3. Mars = 7 years
4. Rahu = 18 years
5. Jupiter = 16 years
6. Saturn = 19 years
7. Mercury = 17 years
8. Ketu = 7 years
9. Venus = 20 years

The total number is 120 years. It should be noted that this does not mean that Maha dasha is the same for everyone. Since the Maha dasha system is based on the movement and position of the planets at the time of our birth (more precisely, based on the position of our natal Moon), this systems is unique for each individual person. For example, a person is born in half of the Maha dasha of Venus. In this case (since the Maha dasha of Venus lasts 20 years), person will live 10 years in Venus dasha (half of 20 years), and then, after the period of Venus, there will be a period of 6 years ruled by the Sun, and so on.
Even though people do not go through the same planetary cycles/dashas during their lifetime, the order in which the Maha dasha occurs is the same for everyone.
Each cycle brings to light, i.e. activates certain latent potentials in the natal chart. Generally speaking, during the 6-year Maha dasha of the Sun, a person can experience progress or setback, the cycle of 20-year Venus can bring a passionate love relationship or material problems, while the 17-year Maha dasha of Mercury can make someone a successful writer, leader, or teacher. Understandably, the specific effects of these great cycles, with which they affect the individual, depend on the particularity of the potential of his birth person’s natal chart.
In this horoscope, I list all your Maha dashas from birth to the age of 95. I pay special attention to your current Maha dasha with a description of general events in the next 6 months.
The horoscope contains approx. 10-12 A4 pages of written text (in PDF format), and I send it to your e-mail address.

• Your Ascendant – Your Body, Your Soul

Price: $65.00
Pages: 4-6
Language: English

The ascendant represents your entry point into the present life. The ascendant is the zodiac sign that appeared on the eastern part of the horizon at the time of your birth. Because the ascendant changes every two hours, it plays the most important role in determining your overall personality. It expresses the state and strength of your body and mind, as well as your successes and motivations in this life. The ascendant also determines your character traits, your level of consciousness, your physical appearance, and your general mode of action.
You may be wondering why you should redefine your ascendant in your horoscope when, according to Western astrology, you know in which ascendant you were born in. The answer is very simple. Western astrology, unlike Vedic astrology, does not take into account precession, ie the shift of the earth’s axis over time. This precession difference between the Western and Vedic systems of astrology is currently 24° and is called ayanamsha. Ayanamsha represents the difference between the first day of spring, ie the equinox, and the entry of the Sun in the sign of Aries. Since 2010, the ayanamsha is as high as 24°.
If you want to find out your exact sign in the horoscope, order this unique horoscope today. It contains approx. 4-6 A4 pages of written text (in PDF format), and it will be sent to your e-mail address.

• Karmic Horoscope

Price: $79.00
Pages: 7-9
Language: English
(Based on six of your most important past lives)

This horoscope analyzes in great detail the planetary configurations in your birth chart that are of critical importance for your current material and spiritual prosperity. It helps you to see more easily the direction to your personal development, as well as your main karmic duties that you should by no means bypass.
The questions considered by this horoscope are:

• What are the flaws and weaknesses that you carry with you from previous lives which you need to let go of in this life?
• What are you inner conflicts?
• What factors make your character and your personality weak?
• What blockages there are that keep you from achieving your goals and desires?
• What life lessons do you need to learn?

The horoscope contains approx. 7-9 A4 pages of written text (in PDF format), and I am sending it to your e-mail address.

• Your Most Difficult Trials

Price: $55.00
Pages: 4-6
Language: English

Each horoscope, which is based on the analysis of the astrological birth chart, shows us our karma (fate), which we need do deal with in this lifetime.
Also, each horoscope telling us all about the events that are likely to happen in our life. Of course it is wonderful when everything goes well in our life. However, like everything else in this world, this happiness does not last long. Sooner or later certain problems and temptations will appear that greatly affect the quality of our life, our career, family, marriage, children, financial situation or our health. And that could cause a strong feeling of panic, suffering, pain, disappointment and confusion, because we don’t know how to find ways to get out of them. The famous American astrologer, Stephen Arroyo, says: “We are here to learn lessons, and our astrological birth chart tells us what our lessons are, what kind of energy we have in general, and how we will deal with the temptations that come our way so we can achieve our spiritual growth.”
We usually have two to five great temptations that will shake us to the core on our life’s journey. Your birth chart, which your astrologer will create for you, will tell you what are your temptations.
This horoscope shows temptations that are on your life path, explains the reasons why they appear, as well as the methods by which you can overcome them in the most effective way.
The horoscope contains approx. 4-6 A4 pages of written text (in PDF format), and I send it to your e-mail address.

• Your Business Motivation

Price: $70.00
Pages: 7-10
Language: English

How to stay motivated in business is vital, whether you’re striving to achieve your business goals, starting a new project, or managing the day-to-day operations of your own company. It’s completely understandable how a lack of motivation can undermine your confidence and thus reduce your potential for success. On the other hand, the more motivated you are, the easier it will be to tackle your goals and the more you will be able to achieve greater success in your business.
This horoscope is intended as a guide that will actualize that part of your inner being that strives to achieve a more significant role in the world. It highlights the innate talents you want to express, the activities that bring you happiness, and all the things you are best at. It also points to the qualities you need to develop, experience and share in this life. These are definitely gifts that you possess and with which you can achieve success in any area of ​​life.
The horoscope contains approx. 7-10 A4 pages of written text (in PDF format), and I am sending it to your e-mail address.

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